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Concentration Sixty​-​Four

by zanders

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Concentration Sixty-Four, but with lasers. Housed in a eco-packaged digipak case.

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Buried Men 01:59
I’ve buried men and I’ve been better it was the year I stopped sleeping altogether You can’t be wide awake and sleeping around or looking for answers in lost and found. We’ve lost friends and we’ve lost lovers but found parts of them in each other. There’s no use in framing the blanks you draw or watering that bush you beat around. I met with a woman who drew it out for me on paper remind yourself you’re this little black dot in this big circle, the only weather you can control is whether or not your realize this cause things are gonna happen to everybody and everything regardless Let me address the elephant, I don’t open up just for the hell of it Even if just for my benefit, what we share will always be relevant. In my experience people will leave once they’re equipped to move on. But in my experience you won’t see it like this until they’re already gone.
Your Palms 02:37
You were speaking French across the table at our house. Et oui je voudrais toucher votre main, but how would I be able to do that? Show me your palms and press them on mine love. I don’t feel this way most of the time. We drove out of state and you went through some red lights. We’re not the type of people to slow down, we’re just playing by the tempo given to us. But there is this part where it feels like time stops for us I don’t feel this way most of the time. Even if I don’t know what’s real I will always know I feel It’s not about convenience so listen good cause I mean this I’ll give this my all, I’ve given it my all. Sometimes I have this dream about you and me and our house Wake up and wonder was it all just in head Cause when I saw your face I knew right away, love I don’t feel this way most of the time. You took my hands and taught me to write.
Help me forget remembering how we used to be Help me forget remembering how you forgot me But I think it’s worth mentioning how we used to be I won’t regret defending things are not as they seem. I’m not here to judge, but the jury agrees they say you’ve changed unanimously. Let the record show I’m hesitant to fix this again This will make it six times I’ve tried ending the game Where we talk all the time and then we won’t talk at all You’ll return to your other life and forget to call. I’m out of what you need and the jury agrees, they say you’ve changed and I agree. If money’s more important than being a friend, Then I can say with confidence that this thing should end. It’s not an ultimatum, but these little games I hate them. This isn’t how a relationship should be, does that make sense to you like literally?
Here’s to standing up to those who talk down to you Here’s to cutting out those who try to pencil you in Here’s to being honest with yourself and realizing your place is not on someone’s shelf Leave the narcissists to themselves. If your absence doesn’t phase them, let the silence scream some truth It’s okay to feel sad but find comfort in loving you. Hold on to your heart as you let them go Don’t completely write them off but let them know The phone works both ways, it’s gonna be okay but right now what we need is space They’ve lost sight of what’s important, don’t blame yourself for what they can’t see It’s on them to fix that and come back to reality. Not all who audition get the part but I was never acting for the lead role in your heart. Maybe our timing’s off or we’re in different places, what started off as mutual is now a solo mission, next time I’ll read the terms and conditions. Here’s to picking up the pieces of what they broke and rediscovering your capacity to hope It can be hard I know but I promise it’s good to grow and sometimes it’s okay to be alone.
The Joker 02:24
Some things are out of our hands like who will hold them next or when they will hit the pavement, some work harder to accept this. I’m not someone who shows their hands, but I still like playing cards. Something about all those queens and kings makes me identify with the joker. Something in the brain suddenly goes off and nothing is the same from that moment on Do you feel the same or have I got you lost? If not for good perhaps for words I know this is a lot. Now I’m quite used to your hands and you know mine like the backs of yours Which makes it harder to handle knowing someday they’ll no longer touch. I wasn’t sure at first to risk getting hurt but then I found the words unbuttoning your shirt.
Lately I’ve been thinking our ears are better off ringing Side effects might be alarming, if the superstition weren’t so charming We met up at the park between the fountain and the arch It was long overdue from my point of view so I approached you. There’s a hidden field in my mind planted with memories growing nowhere I lay in the grass and watch the little dove who likes to fly there What we’ve built might not hold, the bees are trapped in their combs. You see I’ve mistook the two and confused honey for glue. I still think about you baby, I think about you all the time. Maybe I should do less thinking. I think that’d get you off my mind. I’m so over through with done with this I’ve moved on grew up grew out of it. Ask my friends they’ll say I’m full of shit. There was a hidden field in my mind planted with memories growing nowhere my time there has now passed like the little dove who used to fly there.
Maybe I made it too easy, maybe I was being naive Maybe it’s all just a bad dream, bad I’d rather you not try and reach out to me, so I’ll accept your apology, But I still resent what you’ve done to me to me Now I know how long it takes to run home from your place No one should have to feel like this, I hope your fists hurt as much as my head And your hands regret their time on my neck But most of all I fucking hope you never ever treat another person like this.
Call it in the air, heads or tails. Heads end this now, tails we see it through. Looking to gravity, to decide destiny. Heads hurts a little now, tails hurt later on. Why is it so easy to hold on to habits, thoughts, and people who are no good for you. I need to stop pretending you’re too good to be true. Heads or tails I’d take a chance on you. Fifty-fifty probability, he loves me, loves me not, he loves me. Or if it’s tails I’ll say to him, best two out of three. Cause I’d like to think however this goes or not we gave it a shot.
I can’t distinguish what I like best from this constellation of events Star to star, bar to bar, three diamonds are on the door Your can and my cup are first to touch occasionally our legs and hands touch Until we lean in, decided to close out, you walk me home, do I invite you up? I can’t distinguish what I like best the nervous first times or what might come next. I hope my head will agree with the heart that’s on my sleeve. We talk on the phone now and you tell me about your day We hold hands in the street now, you kiss me on the subway We stay up all night now, two beers and an ash tray Constantly surprised how you say things I thought only I thought It feels so fragile and delicate so I’ll be careful with all of it. Your can and my cup were first to touch along the way things started to change This petty pace from day to day has turned into a race The finish line my place.
What do I miss? Walking home and you ask me what can I hold. I say thank you but I’m good, so you hold my hand until we get home. It’s familiar, it’s routine, but it’s only for you and me. Good looks and isolation, humor and manipulation Charm and desperation, stupid infatuation. This is not a love worth pining for, I wanted strength you wanted malleable. Between you and your platitudes and me and my attitude the disparities finally caught up with us. It could be worse, but it hurts. What once was our thing is now yours and hers. I feel stupid, I believed someone would love me wholeheartedly. Someday I hope you love someone as much as you thought you loved me. All of the time wasted on banal conversation, the dramatic negotiations and empty accusations. No longer complacent in this situation with all your expectations sorry if I leave before the standing ovation.
Marble 04:43
Where’s the eraser I’m drawn to you, where do I stand if I’ve fallen for you? Oui, j’ai un feu mais c’est un feu pour vous, est-ce que vous m’aimez ou pas du tout? I felt like, I felt like marble, I felt like marble in your hands. Sculpted so, sculpted so careful, sculpted so carefully by you. Hand me the scissors I’m hung up on you, maybe from below I’ll have a better view. Oui, j’ai un feu mais c’est un feu pour vous, est-ce que vous m’aimez ou pas du tout? I felt like, I felt like marble, I felt like marble in your hands. These feelings, These feelings aren’t, these feelings aren’t part of the deal. Would you please me understand was it because it was unplanned are all feelings secondhand cause I feel your heart beat in your hand. Tell me does this mean a thing? Where’s the eraser I’m drawn to you, where do I stand if I’ve fallen for you? Oui, j’ai un feu mais c’est un feu pour vous, est-ce que vous m’aimez ou pas du tout? I felt like, I felt like marble, I felt like marble in your hands. These feelings, These feelings aren’t, these feelings aren’t part of the deal.
Traces 03:01
Leaving traces of each other in the rooms of one another A hair tie, a lighter, a hat wouldn’t want to forget that feeling of being next to you. It was foggy the night I told you, but I remember it clearly Heading somewhere from Elsewhere, it was late. Just as trite as it is true, I’m lucky to be in love with you. Wake up to you tangled in my sheets; one, two, three, four, five more kisses please. Running late but they can wait until we’re done. Every now and then I zone out until you say my name out loud, « hello, where did you go, welcome back, Do you want to interact, If you don’t I won’t be mad. » Whether they are good or bad certain words you can’t take back And now you know that I love you and would like to see this through This is not a guarantee that we will always make each other happy.


With the harmonic language and intuition of a jazz combo, Concentration Sixty-Four also incorporates the form and storytelling of a show tune and the rhythmic drive of a rock band. In its eclecticism, a cohesive sound prevails.


released January 24, 2020

Kevin O'Donnell - Bass + Vocals + Production
John Rule III - Drums + Vocals + Guitar
Alex Saraceno - Piano + Vocals + Songs

Released by Funnybone Records

Mastered by Zach Weeks at GodCity Studio

Special thanks to The East Willowbrook Singers, The Capetown Quartet and The CT River Winds.


all rights reserved



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