buried men

by zanders

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Zach Bernier
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Zach Bernier This band is incredible, I try to make it to every show they play and couldn't possibly recommend them any more, and picking one song is equally impossible, but definitely check these guys out! Favorite track: grown up posterchild.
June Violet Aino
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June Violet Aino It is practically impossible to choose a single song as my favorite on this release. Every song is filled with so many emotional and absolutely moving lyrics. The music is also flawless and exceeds any expectations I had for this album. Just when you thought it couldn't get better, it did. Moving and improving in the perfect direction. Favorite track: the blue room.
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In the most loving memory of A.D.F. (1987-2014)


released December 6, 2015

Engineered by Lucas Borgstedt
Mixed by Cameron Boucher
Mastered by Matt Baltrucki

Alex Saraceno on keys and vocals
Kevin O'Donnell on bass and vocals
Jason Rule on drums


all rights reserved



zanders Connecticut

With a "z" as in "xylophone".


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Track Name: poor circulation
I stay wrapped up in layers to keep warm
even though I’m not a cold person;
it’s just poor circulation

You got in my veins because
I shot you up like heroin;
I hate to let you go after I let you in,
but neither of us should be doing this

for once I wanted to ignore
the voice inside my head saying
“slow down he sure seems awfully friendly”
he sure seems awfully empty

the closest I’ll get to waking up with you is sleeping in your clothes
the closest I’ll get to holding your hand is only with my own
the closest I felt to knowing myself was always in our home

but nobody’s home and
when I reach for my phone
I know there’s no calling you back
how do I get used to that?
Track Name: twin-sized priorities
at the end of the day I’ve got twin-sized priorities
and I am happy going to bed alone

I’m sorry you got to know me for my bad habits
and that we spent more time fighting then laughing
it doesn’t matter, you’re cruel for telling me just what to feel
and how terrible bad it all will be and then leaving
I’d say fuck you but I think the whole reason you’re mad
s probably because I won’t

now I don’t know the psychology of it
but something’s not right in your head when you tell me
“my darling it’s gonna be alright
because we’re sharing the same hospital bed”

you think someone would say
“Alex don’t you know it’s a one-way ticket to rock bottom
you’re closing yourself off from your closest friends and all the boys you’ve messed around with are all messed up, I know you’re in denial but I think it’s time to face the pain because right now your hedonist ways are messing with your hedonist ways”

I’m finally starting to realize what you really are
long live the grand inquisitor
he’ll pretend to be your best friend and he’ll love you
but it all with depend cause if you don’t fuck him in the end
it ends
Track Name: grown up posterchild
I was sick of waking up next to
this grown up posterchild
of everything I've always hated

I'm blowing the silver lining in the bathroom
with the dollar bill you gave me and
I'm blowing it all up the left side

don't beat yourself up about us because I let you down

it's the theory of license plate tectonics
that keeps driving us apart
and I'm tired of it

you stopped your car in the middle of the tunnel
until we couldn't hold our breaths any longer
to suffocate ourselves in wishes
Track Name: broken bones
somewhere between exit 1 and oak hill road
we found my guts, which up until then I had only caught glimpses of
through red eyes in head lights on dark night from past lives

some people make wishes over broken bones
and sometimes we need to pull apart so we can actually grow
out of our shells, away from our hell, and into our selves,
sometimes scars help

I miss telling you all about my dreams
but now you’re in them it’s like your sleepin’ with me
instead of our bed you’re just in my head
but it feels real like you’re not dead

although I was half asleep for your last call
I remember our last words I can recite them all
and those "I love you's" are enough to
emphasize the fact that our love's intact.

do we die or do we become light
do we die or do we become the night
Track Name: this one
this one's not bringing you back to me
this was not how it was supposed to be
this one's not bringing you back I'm not
who I am now in those flashbacks. flashback:

cause I knew you I knew you I knew you were meant for you
but now all that I share with you are our memories
and if this one could change everything we've been through
I'd sing it everyday to you

we still had places to go
we still had secrets to know
and now we're unable to grow
I wish the water and sun could fix this. fix this.

cause I knew you I knew you I knew you were meant for me
but now all that I share with you are our memories
so I hope where you are is where you need to be
and I hope you'll remember me.

you called me earlier that day
when they took you away
and I know I said I'd be okay if you can't stay.
I won't be okay, if you can't stay
I won't be okay.
Track Name: for granted pt. ii
when you feel the blood rushing to your face
smile knowing it comes from a good place
let your heart beat serve as a constant reminder
that you are not an object

when you see the blood stain your favorite garments
smile knowing it comes from a good place
march to your heart beat and be your own disciple
use blood to write your own bible

because platonic’s not a punishment
are you doing this just for the fun of it
I’m sorry but it sounds like bullshit
it’s too shallow to even get wet

I don’t need to be your rose to be beautiful
I don’t need to be yours at all

I’m the girl who’s not getting closure
‘cause when you leaned in I didn’t move closer
you’ve misunderstood what I’ve been saying
if you think I’m a flower that needs saving

I’m returning my keys to your white paneled room
I’m returning my keys to your white paneled room

we’ve got to grow now and go off on our own way
to know what this all means and maybe someday
I won’t need to only be your baby
I am not your problem
I am not your project
Track Name: call for help
when you start finding needles in your best friend’s haystack
when they start losing just as much money as they are weight
retrace the track marks and call for help
pick up the pieces call for help.

when you’ve waited for the funeral to eulogize your friend
you’ve wasted time
there goes another life line call for help

don’t let go, I’ll never know if you thought I let you go
the answer, the answer is no

when you talked about getting out of town for a while
when you talk about moving where it’s warmer
I always thought we’d go together
I always thought we’d go together

and now I’m left with all the physical things
searching for meaning in the moon
and I hope you can see it to
cause I know, I know what it meant to you

when you’ve been up for days and haven’t been sleeping
when you want to tell me what you’ve been keeping
pick up the phone and call for help
I will pick up your call for help.
Track Name: the blue room
I can steal your shoes meet me in the blue room
let’s do something criminal
before I’m banished to your peripheral

when I pretend my hand is your hand
and my eyes are your eyes it’s to see
if this love is ripe enough to eat

pack your bag and meet me in the blue room
I’m not looking to running away without you
are you free this afternoon

when you first came in to my orbit
I’d only see you on the certain nights
and it wasn’t long before I started
looking for you every night
hoping for you ever night

the cracks in the sidewalk are the tightropes we walk on
the knots in your heart strings are unraveling
the lights behind our eyes grow brighter at night time
the only thing I’d like you to leave are your keys out for me

let me be clear as far as you and I go
I’m still learning just how much my soul knows
but won’t you take me home
these bones need a home

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