been better

by zanders

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Daniel Bogosian
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Daniel Bogosian Somewhere between a collection of heartbreaking music theater numbers and a lonely R&B record, Zanders makes great music. Favorite track: Just For The Night.
Art Fin
Art Fin thumbnail
Art Fin Reminds me of early Joanna Newsom ("Spout and the Bean") with piano instead of harp crossed with Randy Newman. Also check out the newer "Buried Men" 2015 cassette on Seagreen Records. Favorite track: Just For The Night.
Nolan Dionne
Nolan Dionne thumbnail
Nolan Dionne Beautiful piano-pop colored by a range of emotional lyrics which dig at the heart. Songs here are regretful, yearning, fond, defiant, and confused - much like actual human relationships! Backed up by drums, bass, and an all-male chorus, zanders is brilliant. Favorite track: Come On, Let's Love.
Ali O.
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Ali O. I love love love this track! Super adorable and fun! Such happy music but really great lyrics too! Favorite track: Wantastiquet.
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released January 24, 2014

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Cameron Boucher with Kevin O'Donnell in Hartford, CT.
Mastered by Matt Baltrucki.

Alex Saraceno writes the words, sings 'em, and plays the keyboard
Kevin O'Donnell plays the bass
Jason Rule plays the drums

Shoutout to Kevin, Jason, and Cam for vocals on Come On Let's Love, Leftovers & Love, and For Granted.
Shoutout to Spencer Shoop for his poem as lyrics to The Beach.



all rights reserved


zanders Connecticut

With a "z" as in "xylophone".


  • Jul 24
    Wallingford, CT

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Track Name: Wantastiquet
I could sing an album just about your smile
even though I haven’t seen it now for quite a while and
I could paint a picture of all the stuff in my heart
even though it would show how you could tear me apart
and I could write a sonnet about looking in your eyes
even though it’d hurt the feelings of all these other guys

what else should I do
I think I’m falling for you
what more should I say
I’m loving feeling this way
so let’s give this a shot
I think I like you a lot

so I’ll show you my favorite places
around my hometown and some faces
of people I’m sure you would adore
and we’ll watch shooting stars from our favorite rock
and we’ll stay there until twelve o’clock or maybe longer
cause with you I’m never bored

and although we’re sleeping separately
a part of you will never leave my head or this bed

I’d burn down every yankee dollar if it’d prove my love
I’d carve the biggest hill helmetless if it’d keep you around
I’d climb all of Wantastiquet if it’d make you smile.
Track Name: The Kitchen
we were sitting in the kitchen
when you stopped talking and leaned in
to me kiss me

someone somewhere once had said
there are living people who feel dead

your heart was beating
and you were breathing
but there’s much more to living than that

I had such a frightening thought
that I almost needed you
thanks for reminding me why
I need to stop giving my self
to these people who
tell me their problems and kiss me
and look in my eyes like I can solve them

you told me you were lonely
and you told me you were nervous
and you said that you felt anxious
then why’d you kiss me you tell me

as you listed off insecurities
I realized what you never meant to me
we were never something special

we were only superficial.
Track Name: Come On, Let's Love
even though the wine you bought was cheap
it still stained your carpet
even though we’d never get enough sleep
we’d still function without it
and even though it didn’t mean much to you
I think I actually fell for it
so let’s give this a chance and
get into more than just each other’s pants
come on, let’s love

call me on the phone
don’t care cell or home
tell me your favorite color
I’m not your girlfriend, just a lover

tickle me until I cry
hold my hand let’s watch the days go by
please be real and tell me how you feel
and we’ll make lots and lots of love

left your house last night
wanted you didn’t want a fight
you say you’ve got feelings
well I’m a girl who needs real things

like commitment and trust
and kisses and hugs
I won’t wait around
while you fuck every girl in town

even though you said you cared about me
you ripped my fucking heart out
and even though you may read a lot about life
you have no clue what you’re talking about

and even though you might feel fine right now
I hope it hits you some day that
the new girls in your bed
could care less if you were dead
how’s that for love
Track Name: Leftovers & Love
when I kiss you I’m on my tippy toes
and when you get closer I like to kiss your nose
your hair’s kind of a mess
and that might be my fault too
this bed feels so big when I’m not in it with you

you told me that you and I or “you and me”
could live in your backseat permanently
we’ll just lay and laugh all day
don’t worry about the food
we could live on leftovers and love

we might not be here tomorrow
so you should probably stay the night
it would guarantee some unity and delay our goodbye
we wouldn’t sleep at all
we’d just kiss and touch and call
each other little nicknames that
remind us we’ve always been playing games

once we were laying down in my bed
and I fell in love with the things you had said
about your future with me
but I could never tell if you’re serious

leftovers and love, who are we kidding
we need a roof above our heads
not a sunroof and not a backseat for a bed.
Track Name: The Beach
I want to explore the deep ocean sea with you
our parents never went this deep underwater
they were the ones who put those
floaty things twenty feet from the shore
we could be the ones who pop those floaty things

we would need oxygen tanks
as we ventured deeper underwater
put nitrous oxide in yours as a joke
even though you wouldn’t think it was funny
but if you just relax I think you’d still enjoy yourself

we’d get back to the shore and you’d yell at me
put my head underwater for revenge

I’d smile as I choked on salt water
then feeling more alive than ever
we’d make love on the beach.
Track Name: For Granted
you said, “how’d you like to be a coroner
and identify dead people all day”
to a complete stranger
and I thought quietly I think I already do that
so I smiled, shrugged, and looked away
awaiting for my coffee to cool.

maybe you were right and
Freud’s findings don’t account for
the twenty-first century boy, oh boy
translucent boy please don’t implode
it’s not so fluorescent once you
get out of your sterile white paneled room
please get out your sterile white paneled room
let me help you out of your sterile white paneled room

I know it's hard to be vulnerable
but I just want you to feel comfortable

Don’t be disheartened take my heart
and plant it in a poorly painted pot
and water it please

not everybody leaves.
Track Name: Narcissus Jonquilla
did you tell her you loved her as you fucked her
did you hear my voice when she moaned your name
did you kiss her palms and fingertips
as you slowly moved inside her
did she look up and hold you tighter when you came

Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection
he stared into it until he died
and in the spot where he passed daffodils grew

did you fall asleep peacefully with her head on your chest or
did you talk for hours about the universe before going to bed

darling please stop calling
I don’t recognize you anymore.
Track Name: Just For The Night
when someone tells you you're beautiful
and lingers long in your eyes
they want more than a night

when someone kisses you slowly
with their eyes open wide
they want more than a night

when someone holds on to you tightly
long after they've arrived
they want more than a night

when you feel more than alright
when they turn on the light
you want more than a night

he told me everything
he'd tell me anything

but don't tell me I'm beautiful
and linger long in my eyes
if it's just for the night

don't kiss me so slowly
with your eyes open wide
if it's just for the night

don't hold on to me tightly
or tell me about your life
if it's just for the night

let me get dressed
before you turn on the light
if it's just for the night

I'm not sure I understand how
sex is like an art show
you just sound lonely to me.